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Catholic Wedding

The paperwork for a Catholic wedding ceremony in Italy must be started through one of the spouses' parishes at least 8-6 months prior to the wedding. The following documents are required to each of the spouses in order to get married in church:
  • Baptism and confirmation certificates to be issued 6 months before;
  • Mixed marriage application completed if one of the spouses is not Catholic;
  • A Pre-Nuptial Investigation with the letter of freedom;
  • Presentation letter by the Parish priest of your church with the Nulla Osta (NIHIL OBSTAT), which is a non objection attestation by your Bishop with his stamp. It will contain the permission of your priest to get married abroad.

The religious documents must reach the church you are getting married at least 2 months before your wedding date in order to get them stamped at their diocese. At you arrival in Italy, we will organize a meeting with the priest 3 days prior to the wedding date to discuss details of the ceremony. If your Catholic wedding is at the same time a civil wedding, a declaration at the town hall must be signed and the legal documents must be completed as well.

Symbolic Ceremonies

Symbolic ceremonies in Italy are becoming more and more popular every year.

A symbolic wedding ceremony or blessing has no legal requirements and for this reason, it can be held in many beautiful outdoor settings not available to a civil wedding.  An exclusive villa with gardens and sea view, on a hotel terrace atop the sea and even on a private boat!

The symbolic ceremony is a valid option to a civil ceremony, if you are already legally married or you wish to express your love and commitment in a beautiful way, avoiding any paperwork required for a civil or religious ceremony in Italy.

A symbolic ceremony celebrant will create a truly personalised wedding ceremony, incorporating your vows, poetry, religious elements or pagan rituals. The symbolic ceremony is also a wonderful way to renew your wedding vows. 

 I can assist you in finding and selecting the perfect venue for your symbolic ceremony in Sorrento and Amalfi Coast, where you can celebrate the whole wedding day or individual venues for your symbolic ceremony and wedding reception. 

Civil Wedding

The civil ceremony is the most requested and a civil wedding in Sorrento and in the Amalfi Coast is a memorable experience as it can take place in very unique locations. 

The romantic setting of the Cloisters of SanFrancesco in Sorrento, the intimate outdoor terrace in Positano looking over the sea or the intimate gardens in Ravello, these are only some of the venues you can choose from, there is a venue style for every taste and demand. To get legally married in Italy, you have to obtain the appropriate paperwork according to your nationality and to the requirements of the Italian authorities. The legal process should be started from 3 to 6 months prior to the wedding.

Over time, I have been planning weddings for couples from any part of the world and I assist personally UK couples with the translation of their documents and I offer interpreting services during the civil ceremony. 

As part of my wedding planner service, you will be guided through the entire legal process, making sure the paperwork is in order and submitted to the local authorities prior to your arrival in Italy. 

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