Exclusive wedding in Positano with Mediterranean theme trend

Have you always dreamed of a wedding in Positano on the Amalfi Coast?

A Positano wedding is a great choice for a unique wedding experience. In Positano, everything is glamorous and unique, the amazing views and that special feeling of La Dolce Vita.

Exclusive wedding in Positano with a Mediterranean touch

A fairy tale, luxury wedding is possible in Positano,  whether you are dreaming a sensational and refined wedding ceremony or an intimate one, your wedding will be an exclusive event here.

Exclusive wedding in Positano with a Mediterranean touch

Romantic wedding elopement on a private terrace looking over the sea

In August, we had the pleasure to organise Lina and Camilo’s dream wedding , a lovely couple from Colombia who decided to celebrate an intimate wedding elopement in Italy with their close family and chose a magnificent setting to exchange their promises.

The wedding flowers were the bride’s number one priority and for her bridal bouquet, we created a beautiful coral charme rose bouquet that included vibrant colors in various orange and peach shades and ivory tones. The bride carried tree roses and Austin roses that combine the beautiful forms and scents of the traditional variety or roses.

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The symbolic ceremony

Lina and Camilo decided to hold a symbolic ceremony overlooking the sea , with the exquisite music of a cello and violin in the background and a romantic blush pink and ivory flower arch display to decorate the terrace.

Exclusive wedding in Positano with a Mediterranean touch
Exclusive wedding in Positano with a Mediterranean touch

The Reception

Their wedding reception was the most unique and very private reception on the terrace of an 18 century villa . The table setting and decor they chose was stunning. We created an elegant imperial table, with refined plates in white and blue colors accompanied by turquoise wine glasses and porcelain vases of beautiful orchids. The lighting candles were the finishing touches to the Mediterranean style of this wedding table and created an intimate atmosphere with the lights of Positano vanishing in the background. 

Exclusive wedding in Positano with a Mediterranean touch

Steinbeck wrote: “Positano bites deep, It is a dream place that isn’t quite real when you are there and becomes beckoningly real after you have gone”

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Positano Wedding Guide for 2024

No doubt that Positano is a top location for a destination wedding. Any season is perfect to get married in Positano and to admire the spectacular views of the crystalline waters and the impressive cliffs however, in Spring and Summer season you will enjoy the romantic atmosphere of this charming town to the fullest. 

Summer is the best time of year for warm weather so if you love sunny and warm weather, you should choose a summer wedding in Positano.

Spring and Fall are the best seasons for mild weather so if you want to avoid hot temperatures, you should consider planning a wedding in Positano in the months of April May, late September and October.

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